Lavador de laby jean22416621
This command allows you to make wool become white again.
Step Assistby Boomber16611
this command was inspire by mod called Quark with this mod when you have jump boost 2 you can walk over block with out jumping
Command Menuby name_here___16602
This is a menu made entirely from command blocks. It can be navigated by clicking in the chat by any player, but most functions can only be used by ops. It can give you several items with extreme enchantments and such, and also has a simple waypoint system. Unfortunately, it currently only works when teleporting to loaded chunks. See the top of the list of source commands for the proper one command install. The default space isn't showing some characters properly. Sorry. Made with MrGarretto's Command Combiner for Minecraft 1.11 Apparently newline characters are not allowed in the description
Super cool lightning god swordby the_MinecraftMan16590
Drop to summon lightning. Left-click to kill ANYTHING IN ONE LEFT CLICK!!! After the sword is summoned, DO NOT pick it up yet. Make the redstone clock in the video. connect a command block to it with the command in the source commands section. Make sure the clock circuit is on and active. Now you can pick the sword up. throw it to summon lightning! Using this tactic, I will make a Throwable spears! command on soon.
Bloodshedder simpleby the_MinecraftMan16580
The Bloodshedder! See my other version of the command @ .
Circuit Blocks in Two Commandsby BluePsychoRanger16571
Ever wanted to have a T Flip-Flop within one block? Or how about an XOR Gate in one block? Well with the Circuit Blocks Module, you can do exactly that! This was inspired when Mumbo Jumbo released an April Fools video showcasing (fake) new circuit blocks. The module adds 13 new redstone logic gates and circuits in one block. THE SECOND COMMAND IS IN THE SOURCE COMMANDS SECTION!
Bomber Classby MainC1cak16560
This add bomber class with that you can use in minecraft with my Base Classes command. I create it in 17w13b snapshot version. To use the skill just right click the carrot on a stick from the Base command while using all the Bomber armor. There is a cooldown for each skill.
Base Classesby MainC1cak16550
This command is the base of my next one command. The next command will be coming soom. I create this command in the 17w13b snapshot version.
NatBen04 More And Edible Cakesby NatBen04_Gaming16541
This Command allows you to add 2 new cakes into your world, chocolate and strawberry are the two, install the command and then right click the info sign. drop a furnace, flint and steel and a nether star to get a cake crafter. drop onto the cake crafter a milk bucket and 5 wheat to get 5 butter. then drop 10 butter, 5 wheat, 2 eggs and 2 sugar to get a plain cake(skull), drop a cocoa bean and a plain cake onto the cake crafter to get a chocolate cake (skull). rename pumpkin seeds 'Strawberry_Seeds' then drop them onto the cake crafter to get a strawberry (skull). when holding any of the two cakes press Q to refill your hunger, they will both restore 7/8 hunger bars which is quite a lot, if wanting to remove the cake crafter drop a barrier below it which will remove it /give @p minecraft:barrier
Minecraft one command Lightning Spirit Boss fightby BluecapMc16531
This one command creation contain a new boss!Which is the Lightning Spirit!You may fight it with your friend in a server!More details about it is in my video,so be sure to watch it.You need to throw 1 book and 1 diamond on the lapis block at the middle of boss totem to summon the boss.After you defeat it you will get some lightning eggs and a lightning sword.Right click the lightning egg on ground to spawn lightning.Hold the lightning sword in hand to charge it until you see some enchantment particles around you.Attack the mob 3 blocks away from you but in an area of 10 block to struck lightning on them!If you put down the sword the charge will be reset.Hope you guys enjoy it and also like my video thx!