3x3x3 Mining Pickaxe l Hammers or Explosive Pickaxe lby TemmieOfficial17571
This command was made by me. The pickaxe mines in a 3x3x3 radius.
One function Kakashiby BluecapMc17561
Function and resoruce pack is at the source command. Please make sure you download them properly in order to run the function smoothly.
More Structuresby BlueCommander17552
NOTE THIS COMMAND CREATION IS IN TWO COMMANDS AND IS FOR VERSIONS 1.10-1.12 HOWEVER ONLY ONE COMMAND CAN BE PUT ON HERE SO CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE HERE https://bluecommand.weebly.com/more-structures.html FOR THE SECOND COMMAND AND IF YOU WANT THE 1.10 OR 1.11 VERSION. Anyway hey everyone! BlueCommander here and today I created more structures in one command, these spawn randomly in your world and there is currently 7 in total. In the future I will have addons to add even more structures and if you all like it I will add a way you can make your own structures too! Watch the video for a full installation tutorial and a showcase and be sure to subscribe to channel if you like what I do! See you all next time! ~Blue :)
Minecraft One Command Aether Dimensionby BluecapMc17541
First Command https://pastebin.com/aKXr82WB ----------------Second Command https://pastebin.com/xddQFsk3 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Hello Guys Bluecap is here! Today i gonna bring you all the One command block Aether Dimension! Enjoy the video thanks Subscribe my channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7T8DEC5kwA4J4G9WrQV9wg
Minecraft Improvementsby BlueCommander17532
NOTE: For 1.10 or 1.11 versions check video desciption. Today I added things I think minecraft should have. I decided to do this after being inspired by SimplySarc's video. Check video for what I added (Torches giving off light, seats and more) have a nice day! ~Blue
Infinite Elytraby nagt0617521
This one command creation allows you to fly in any direction, even upwards, yes, when holding a specific item in the offhand slot.
Scattor Shot Bowsby TemmieOfficial17510
This adds some bows that aren't craftable! You get them from a magical book! :D Click on the link to go to the command!
Temmie Boss Battleby BlueCommander17502
NOTE: This command has versions for 1.10,1.11 and 1.12 but only one can go on here so I put the 1.12 version on. For older versions check video desciption. Anyway today I created Temmie from Undertale into a boss battle. Temmie spawns randomly at night and has cool abilities. Check out the video to see them. See you all next time! ~Blue PS: This is my boss battle competition winners command request.
Items Addon to More Plantsby BlueCommander17491
NOTE: This is an addon to my previous command. For the original command scroll down. Also there is a 1.10 and 1.11 version of this command but I can only put one on here so did the 1.12. For the older versions check video description. Anyway hey everyone! This addon makes it so when you break the plants they give you the item back and you can also craft the specific ones you want. It also fixes a bug. Have a nice day :) ~ Blue
More Plantsby BlueCommander17471
NOTE: This command has support for versions 1.10,1.11 and 1.12 as my commands always do but only one command can go on here so I put the 1.12 version. For the 1.10 and 1.11 versions check the video description. Also I made a more swords command too but it wouldn't let me post it here so check out my channel if you want to see it! Anyway hey everyone! I hope you are doing well, today I made more plants. This add 6 new plants, one of them is coral (Underwater) and the rest are all for land. There are spawn eggs to place them if you want them for decoration and there is also a sign where you can click and it will make them randomly spawn if you wanted the command for survival purposes. Watch the video for more info. See you all next time, byeeeeee!