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I do my best to make good commands :D
Frostinger's experience level: 9
Pokeballsby Frostinger18191
Hi! I didn't invented this command, I modified it. look at the video for more info. TIP: when you have the pokeball, throw it on any mob and wait until you caught it.
Auto minerby Frostinger18181
Hi! This time it is not a mob :D it is an auto miner machine. It's from TheRedEngenier but i modified it :P. The real name of this machine is mining turtle. NOTE: at the end of the command there is a little bug that I can't fix
Wolf Jockeyby Frostinger18171
Hi! This command add a dragon knight riding a wolf. Try to summon this guy and the Bee Jockey to make a great combo! PS: he does not look like the image it's just the best I found :P
King Slimeby Frostinger18161
Hi! This command adds a huge slime with high damage (but not too much because it can make minecraft laggy).
Bee Jockeyby Frostinger18151
Hi! This command adds the bee jockey, like the spider jockey but on a aggressive bee...
Berserk MiniBossby Frostinger18141
Hi! this time I made something different from jerk :D Note: This guy attacks everything
Amphibian Jerkby Frostinger18131
Hi! This command adds the Amphibian Jerk (why do I keep saying that, i know your not stupid) well never mind next time i'll try to make another mob instead of Jerks.
Fire Jerkby Frostinger18121
Hi! This command adds the Fire jerk as you saw in the title. that either I didn't find how to put the screen shot. =(
Jerk mobby Frostinger18111
Hi! This command add the jerk mob like you saw in the title. Try to challenge yourself by spamming the Jerk with a lever, but be careful! Those guy aren't laughing around! Sorry I didn't find how to put my screenshot. =(