Friendly Mobsby jean22415880
This command makes the mobs stop attacking you.
Lumber Axeby Redsword15871
Voici le One Command Lumber Axe creer par Video_Game25 . Ce One Command vas vous permettre de couper les arbre en un seul coup de hache
Aquarium with only one commandby HDJO15860
Watch The Video for more information.........
Be an Assassinby CraiyCommands15850
This command adds some new assassin abilities and weapons to your world, for example climbing or a hidden blade. There is also a Resourcepack included which you can find here:
Mob Powers v3by BluePsychoRanger15840
Ever wanted to transform into that Creeper you just killed? Ever wanted to fly like a Bat or eat grass like a Sheep? With Mob Powers v3, you can gain the powers of every mob (except Golems and Bosses) after you kill it! Click the video to learn more. This is a Two-Command module so the second command is found in the source command space.
Decorational Sandwichesby BlueCommander15830
NOTE: If For Some Reason Your Still Using 1.10 There Is A Special Download For That Here: . Anyways Hello Everyone Today I Have Made Another Command Creation This One Is Really Cool! Probably My Second Favorite Of All my Commands! Anyway For More Information Watch The Video As It Explains Everything! I Hope You Enjoy And Feel Free To Make A Video On It :D ( If You Do Please Credit Me :P ) Cya Next Time! ~ Blue
Demon Boss Fightby ChaoticRedstone15821
Hey everyone! Today, I have another one command for you guys! Demon Boss Fight in One Command! This command adds a custom demon boss for you to fight! Defeat him and collect his treasure! Like and Subscribe for more one commands!
Thanksgiving Parade Floatsby SirStickyNote15812
This command adds 4 thanksgiving parade floats into your world that you can use to make your own thanksgiving parade! Resource Pack Link:
3 way portal gunby grim_reaper81215800
this is my first 1 command creation i fell comfortable publishing. it is a remake of portal guns in 1.11 vanilla. my little twist is that there 3 different color portals over the normal 2. drop 64 lapiz, 64 orange dye and 64 purple dye on the ground to get the guns
Old TNTby KaiPettifer15790
With This Command Installed, Simply Drop a Stone Pressure Plate On Top Of a TNT And, Voila. The Old TNT Is Back!