Player Pipesby marcusmjensen16770
This one command compresion was created by MarcusMJensen. but the command used are by samasaurus6
Lightning Elemental Powersby ChaoticRedstone16762
Hey everyone! Today, I have another one command for you guys! Lightning Elemental Techniques in One Command! This command adds in lightning armor and special techniques you can use to fight mobs and players! I will continue to make earth and ice techniques in the future! Like and Subscribe for more one commands!
Peaceful Lucky Blocksby Rex16753
Harmless lucky blocks that contain items and funny mobs. There are survival-friendly as they can be crafted with items.
Throwing TNTby Rex16742
Simply drop TNT in the direction you'd like to throw it!
Missiles Nukes and Explosive Arrowsby AngaBlue16731
The perfect one command creation for you if you'd like to have fun blowing something up! Includes Missiles Nukes and Explosive Arrows!
Fire swordby the_MinecraftMan16720
Adds a fire sword in Minecraft! See the video(not made by me) because I got the idea from it. I made the command using MrGarrettos command combiner generator.
Better Spawners Updatedby Spazgazum16710
Better Spawners OneCmd by ReduxRedstone Updated for 1.11.2. Description copied from original post..... This module is a one click command that adds in the ability to mine monster spawners with a silk touch pickaxe, obtain spawn eggs of various entities, and then use those spawn eggs to change the kind of mob inside the spawner once you place it down. The spawn eggs also serve as a small mini-addition since they can be used for just about anything, and dont need to be used for the spawners (but leaving the spawner as is once placed, will result in the default Pig spawner). The way of obtaining spawners is simple. Simply mine any spawner you find with any pickaxe that has the silktouch enchantment. To obtain the spawn eggs to change the spawner, or use as you wish, is again simple. Rename a name tag to Extract Essence (not case sensitive, so you could also rename it to extract essence) and then use it on one of the various mobs I added support for. The supported entities are: blazes, spiders, cave spiders, creepers, endermen, ghasts, magma cubes, skeletons, slimes, witches, zombies, zombie pigmen, chickens, cows, sheep and pigs. The unsupported entities are: endermites, guardians, shulkers, silverfish, bats, horses, mooshrooms, cats, rabbits, squids, wolfs, and villagers. Once you obtain said spawn egg, all you need to do is right click to mob spawner with it and it will change it to that entity.
Assasssins Creedby ItsZanYT16700
This command lets you can climb walls, throw shurikens, be invisible, crawl and have a hidden blade! (SEE SOURCE COMMANDS FOR 1.11+ VERSION)
This command allows you to ride a dragon that can fly and breath fire! Download the resource pack ( and see it for yourself today!
Tanks in one commandby McTech16681
You wanna have tanks in your world? well, now you can! you can recieve the second command in the description of the video :D