Simple Armor Plusby TheExtremeBurger17100
This adds in 8 pieces of simple armor. The dirt set, the magnetic helmet, the air bubble pants, the croc chestplate, and the banana boots! More info in the book in the command
The Elemental Villagersby MarkSteinMC17091
Hello! This is my new creation called Elemental Villagers this feature will make you proud because villagers is now have elemental powers and they fight zombies with their own elemental powers Try this to save the world...
NatBen04 Clash Royale Sparkyby NatBen04_Gaming17081
Install the command then right click the items sign to get two spawn eggs, then to install the sparky use the first spawn egg, it will tear apart any blocks in its path, including the 1.10 or lower mobs, then to uninstall it (because it will go on forever) simply use the other spawn egg, right click the destroy sign to remove the machine from your world, the sparky will stay but will not move or work if you still have one installed in your world!
Jade Oreby BlueCommander17071
Hey Guys! Blue commander here. Today I made a new ore, jade. NOTE: If you want to get the command for 1.10 or 1.11 instead of 1.12 go to the videos description and all three are there but the command on this is the 1.12 version. In this command it adds jade ore, armour and tools which all have special ability's. Watch the video for more info and details, I hope you enjoy :)
The Crazy Creaturesby MarkSteinMC17061
Hey It's MarkStein! This is a new command which is the Crazy Creatures this creation I add new mobs,This creation has a 27 crazy mobs, If you want a few mobs to join your world add this to your world and make it epic!...
The Notch Torchby MarkSteinMC17051
Hey It's me MarkStein I'm new so this is my first one command, This is a cool creation I add new feature called Notch Torch This torch will helps you and protects you from the evil mobs, This torch have a face of Notch, If this torch helps you, Notch is here for you!...
Black Magicby BluecapMc17040
Hello Guys! Bluecap is here! Today i gonna bring you all the One Command Black Magic ~ ~ ~ If you wanna use some cool magic to destroy your friend base, fight with other players you are at the right place!
Water Lord Bossby xxHerobrine17030
Are you looking for something very powerful to fight? Well, how about try to challenge the Water Lord!
Earth Elemental Powersby ChaoticRedstone17021
Today, I have another one command for you guys! Earth Elemental Techniques in One Command! This command adds in earth armor and special techniques you can use to fight mobs and players! Ice elemental will be next! Subscribe for more one commands!
IMPROVED TNT Drop Oldestby TheEmeraldUngers17010
10 Levels! Exploding Creepers with blast radii are the secret with this command. This only works in 1.8 (Not 1.9+, or 1.7-). A big shout out to user pixel0727 who made the original, Mr. Garretto's Command Combiner, and ME! The image is a thumbnail of TNT: A Minecraft Parody.