Minionsby MrGarretto3552
This command adds minions, which can help you with a variety of tasks in your world! Some of their abilities include digging, following the player, picking up items, placing torches, and standing still. For more info on how to craft and control your own minion, watch the video below!
Batmanby ItsZender7331
With this command you can become Batman. You will have the ability to craft Batman's armor as well as his gadgets. This command does require a resource pack though but it greatly adds to the look of the command!
Trolling Machineby IJAMinecraft23129
You have operator rights on a server and want to have a little fun? Well, then it's probably a good idea to use some trolling devices! This command for example adds a whole arsenal of trolling methods to your world, just using one command block! Besides killing players with one single hit, you can now simply annoy them with super fast mini-zombies and lightning snowballs! (This is one of my older commands!)
Industrial Machinesby MC_Labs157727
Use this command to add 8.5 different machines that you can build in your survival world! Includes the quarry, iron forge, mechanical sponge, freezer, fire box, block grinder, treecutter, and auto-harvester! Also includes bonus 'boat bombs', because why not?
Village Generatorby IJAMinecraft14522
Your own house looks a bit lonely in the lowlands? Did you ever want one or two nice little villages nearby? Or you even have to cover a whole world with houses for a big map project? But you don't have the time to build them? Well, this Village Generator is probably the right choice for you then! It creates slightly random villages by just throwing one single snowball! You just have to give yourself a command block and put my command in there and the machine, which makes that possible, will build up! It's as simple as that! (This is one of my older commands!)
Portal gunby Nevoska31421
Shoots orange and blue portals to teleporte yourself and mobs!
Electric Arrows and Bombsby IJAMinecraft23019
Once there was Zeus. Now there is you! Just add this command to your world and all your bows and experience bottles will turn into deadly weapons! Besides the ability to destroy almost everything with your lightning bow, it also looks really awesome! You shouldn't underestimate the power of the electrical bombs as well! They destroy wide areas with a single blow! Just follow the simple steps and see for yourself! (This is one of my older commands!)
Rocket Shipsby MrGarretto4917
This command allows you to create a rocket ship and launch pad which you can use to fly to the moon! The moon is randomly generated. More information is in the video below.
Health Spotsby Skydunet7617
This command add healths spots in vanila Minecraft . A health spot can be crafted in survival mode and can be placed in you world like a minecraft block. A health spot can regenerate your life up to 4 hearts
Spy gearby MrGarretto8517
This command adds a few items which allow you to be sneaky or catch the spies! Some of these items include spy boots, spy grapples, footprint dust, and lasers! More information on how to craft and use each of these items is in the video below!