Evocation Illagersby Redsword16102
Voci le One Commands Evocation Illagers creer par Video_Game25 . Ce One CMD vas vous permettre de devenir un evocation illager et utilise ces attaques
Make as many as nine different Epic Plants using different techniques! You are able to grow spicy jalapeno peppers all the way to diamonds!! But that's not all, you will also be able to get a surprise insane weapon!
Water Elemental Techniquesby ChaoticRedstone16082
This command adds in water armor and special techniques you can use to fight mobs and players! I will continue to make fire, lightning, earth, ice and air techniques in the future! Like and Subscribe for more one commands!
Trevo Vanila Mod V3by jean22416073
This command adds a lucky clover that can give you many different items and this new version removes bugs and adds new items. Click on the show source command to get the English version of the command
Santas Sleighby CraiyCommands16062
This command adds Santas flyable sleigh to your world. But first you have to contact Santa...
Optifine Zoom Vanillaby Redsword16052
Voici un mini One Command qui vas vous permettre de pouvoir avoir le zoom d'optifine sans installer optifine .
Become a Creeper in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16031
Do you like to explode stuff? If you awensered yes, this is the perfect command for you! You can explode at any time you want in creative or survial mode just like a creeper!
Become a Spider in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda15981
Get the power of a spider in 1 command! Shoot webs, web sling, climb walls, and more!
Customisable Snowmenby SirStickyNote15974
This command adds snowmen into your world that you can customize with 16 decorations!
Bowser Bossfight by McTech and Craiy Part 2by CraiyCommands15962
This TWO command creation adds Bowser to your world. U just have to Spawn him by throwing dragon's breath in a pipe like in the video. Pls remember that I made this creation together with McTech so u should visit his channel too. There is also a resourcepack required, you can find it in the description of this video.