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theReddestPanda's experience level: 8
Takes all stone and lava from your world! (*WARNING: Can be very laggy)
Working Cars in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16341
This command adds cars to your minecraft world. To get a car you have to rename a minecart to CAR.
Wands in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16331
This command adds wands to your minecraft world. They can burn, attack, and heal.
Jet Packs in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16321
This command adds jet packs to your minecraft world. You can power the jet packs with coal.
Better Spider in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16311
This command is an improved version of my older command, Become a Spider in 1 Command.
Become a Creeper in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16032
Do you like to explode stuff? If you awensered yes, this is the perfect command for you! You can explode at any time you want in creative or survial mode just like a creeper!
Become a Spider in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda15982
Get the power of a spider in 1 command! Shoot webs, web sling, climb walls, and more!