Showing commands by jean224
I'm Brazilian and I want to show you my creations of one command
jean224's experience level: 65
10 XP
20 XP
Trevo Vanila Mod V3by jean22416073
This command adds a lucky clover that can give you many different items and this new version removes bugs and adds new items. Click on the show source command to get the English version of the command
Zoom Vanola Mod by jean22415912
This command adds a zoom on your vision when you press ctrl + space
Friendly Mobsby jean22415881
This command makes the mobs stop attacking you.
Minas Vanila Modby jean22414701
This command adds mines that explode
Gritos Vanila Modby jean22414551
This command adds shouts that can be used for killing a mob and other things.To translete the sign use the command on the first sing.To get the command click on show sorce commands
Paraquedas Vanila Modby jean22414141
This command adds a parachut for you.
X ray Vanila Modby jean22414101
This command adds an x-ray that makes you can see something near you that be under you. Click again if you have already clicked because the command has been updated
Nova Bola de Fogoby jean22414071
This command allows you throw the fireball.
Dinamites Vanila Mod V3by jean22413892
This command adds new bombs and this new version fixes some bugs
Gerador de Senhaby jean22413742
This command to create random passwords for you