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Gells in One Commandby Zabitsu135661
This command adds in 2 different types of gells from the game 'Portal', as well as Long Fall Boots from the game as well! Orange Stained clay is the orange gell, and light blue stained clay is the blue gell.
Homes in One Commandby Zabitsu133111
Adds settable and removable homes into Minecraft! WARNING: Do not set more than 1 home in creative, or the command will not work properly! If you do, just use the Delete Home spawn egg, and you should be fine.
Ender Bow in One Commandby Zabitsu133092
With this command, bows now become teleportation devices. It's better than Ender Pearls, as you don't take damage when you use it!
Admin Access Panelby Zabitsu132722
This command adds in an admin access panel for easy gamemode switching, entity killing, and more. Edit: Command Fixed! Added a summon menu to summon a handfull of entities!