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Epic roller coaster in one command blockby THCommandBlocks4941
Just spawn it in! One of the buttons creates the roller coaster, while the other sends you on a ride.
Polar bears by THCommandBlocks2753
Polar bears in one command block! To get a polar bear spawn egg, name a sheep spawn egg Polar_bear in an anvil. Polar bears drop polar bear rugs
Sharks Crabs and Turtles by THCommandBlocks2445
This command adds sharks crabs and turtles to your game. To spawn in a shark name a squid spawn egg Shark. For the crab and turtle name a pig spawn egg Crab and Turtle.
Bees in one command blockby THCommandBlocks1493
Bees will sting you and attack you. You can spawn them in by naming a bat spawn egg, Bee.
Bear in one command blockby THCommandBlocks1375
Bears attack you, and drop meat! Bear meat fills 2 hunger bars. Best used at night.