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I upload only one command every friday if i can.if not probably the command is long! so yeah i hope you enjoy!!! ;)
Samuel777's experience level: 5
Evoker Spellby Samuel77716811
This adds Evoker Spell to your world. Just throw a Snowball to use the Spell. Made by Mr.Garretto One CMD Combiner
Lifesteal Swordby Samuel7776101
This command add lifesteal sword to your world!that can steal your enemy life!this machine was created by mrgarreto command combiner!
Earth And Fire Swordsby Samuel7775871
This command add fire sword and earth sword.the fire one will set ground on fire and the earth one suffocate your enemy!this command is generated using mrgarreto command combiner!
Poisoned And Ice Bladeby Samuel7775572
This command adds blades that can poison your enemy and slow your enemy!