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Hi Im from brazil.I create Command blocks concepts since 2013. All of then is in my youtube chanel.Im trying to post all my creation in this website as well. Thanks and enjoy my one command block systems!
Nevoska's experience level: 53
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20 XP
Death Noteby Nevoska6283
Um Death Note Onde voce pode escrever alguma morte nele e no player ou mob que voce atirar o livro ele vai sofrer a causa da morte escolhida Tipos de morte Envenenado Queimado Esmagado Flechado Espetado Afogado Explodido Eletrocutado Queda Derretido Sufocado Fome Void
Defence towerby Nevoska5736
A tower that will shoot all mobs around. You can place in eny area that you like using the egg. Crafting: Anvil + Dispenser
Campfire that cooksby Nevoska5612
With some sticks and fire you can create campfire to cook some food, light the place and make mobs run away
Timber MODby Nevoska3218
Using a iron or diamond axe you break more wool just hiting one block
Jetpackby Nevoska3156
Use a iron chestplate and some coal to fly around the world, like on creative, but in survival
Portal gunby Nevoska31421
Shoots orange and blue portals to teleporte yourself and mobs!
Pocket Houseby Nevoska3137
You can build your house in the world ,put in your inventory, and before put back in any part of the world