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Hello there! I make concepts for map makers to use and one commands in Minecraft! My YouTube Channel:
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Water Elemental Techniquesby ChaoticRedstone16082
This command adds in water armor and special techniques you can use to fight mobs and players! I will continue to make fire, lightning, earth, ice and air techniques in the future! Like and Subscribe for more one commands!
Demon Boss Fightby ChaoticRedstone15821
Hey everyone! Today, I have another one command for you guys! Demon Boss Fight in One Command! This command adds a custom demon boss for you to fight! Defeat him and collect his treasure! Like and Subscribe for more one commands!
Custom TNTby ChaoticRedstone15441
Basically the too much tnt mod in one command, but you can also add custom effects to the tnt explosion!
Defusable Bombsby ChaoticRedstone14942
Install my plantable bombs in one command first! This command makes my previous one command bombs defusable!
Plantable Bombsby ChaoticRedstone14834
Hey everyone! Today, I'm going to show you how to make plantable bombs just like in counter-strike! They have a beeping sound effect and a flashing red light! Like and Subscribe for more one commands!
Hydrationby ChaoticRedstone14743
This machine adds another survival feature to make your minecraft experience much more realistic! Drinking water to stay alive!
Install this one command to add some cool ninjutsu from Naruto into your Minecraft world!
Valentine Dayby ChaoticRedstone12292
Kind of a late post, but who cares! Enjoy love and the girls in this one command!
Evil Snowman Boss Fightby ChaoticRedstone11172
Install this frigid boss into your world for some icy combat! Will you be frozen, or burn through the battle? Good luck :D
Parkour Featuresby ChaoticRedstone10694
Just install this one command into your Minecraft world, and enjoy the fun of parkour in Minecraft!