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Drinks using A Data Pack or Two Commandsby BlueCommander17681
Hey guys, BlueCommander here! Today I have created a data pack / two command creation. This creation works in 1.13 or the 1.14 snapshots. To get the data pack or two command creation check the video description as I have the first command on here but you will need to go to description for the second. Check the video for showcase and installation help. See you all next time - Byeeee ~BlueCommander :)
Crates using A Data Packby BlueCommander17671
Hey everyone! Today I have created another data pack! This one is for 1.14. This one is just for a data pack and not a one command like I usually do. Check the video for the showcase and the video description for the download. See you all next time! ~BlueCommander :)
Build Above the Block Limit using A Data Packby BlueCommander17661
Hey everyone! Today I have created a new data pack. I normally make my creations into one commands too but this time it needed to be a data pack for speed. Watch the video for the showcase and explanation and check the description for the link. Also I made a Halloween one command a couple of weeks ago but it wouldn't let me post it on here for some reason. Anyway see you all next time, BlueCommmander :)
Health Tags or Health Displaysby BlueCommander17641
Hey everyone! Today I created a new type of health displayer that I call, Health Tags! These are a brand new vanilla damage indicators and is much more advanced and less flawed than its predecessor, Dragnoz's health display! (No hate to him, in fact I am a big fan, just his was made back in 1.8 and he was more limited then) But anyway watch the video for the features and if you want it for a data pack instead of a one command check the video description. Anyway see you all next week! ~Blue
Hey Everyone! Today SpartanSpark and I have created Mazes in One Command! I also made it into a data pack. If you prefer those, check the video description. Apart from that watch the video for all the information and I will see you next time! Byeee ~Blue
All My Commands Updated To 1 13by BlueCommander17611
Hey Guys, BlueCommander here! This isn't really a one command, but instead a message to let you know that all 26 of my 1.10-1.12 one commands are now all supported in 1.13 One Commands and Data Packs! Check out the video for more information! See you all next time. ~BLUE
More Structuresby BlueCommander17552
NOTE THIS COMMAND CREATION IS IN TWO COMMANDS AND IS FOR VERSIONS 1.10-1.12 HOWEVER ONLY ONE COMMAND CAN BE PUT ON HERE SO CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE HERE FOR THE SECOND COMMAND AND IF YOU WANT THE 1.10 OR 1.11 VERSION. Anyway hey everyone! BlueCommander here and today I created more structures in one command, these spawn randomly in your world and there is currently 7 in total. In the future I will have addons to add even more structures and if you all like it I will add a way you can make your own structures too! Watch the video for a full installation tutorial and a showcase and be sure to subscribe to channel if you like what I do! See you all next time! ~Blue :)
Minecraft Improvementsby BlueCommander17532
NOTE: For 1.10 or 1.11 versions check video desciption. Today I added things I think minecraft should have. I decided to do this after being inspired by SimplySarc's video. Check video for what I added (Torches giving off light, seats and more) have a nice day! ~Blue
Temmie Boss Battleby BlueCommander17502
NOTE: This command has versions for 1.10,1.11 and 1.12 but only one can go on here so I put the 1.12 version on. For older versions check video desciption. Anyway today I created Temmie from Undertale into a boss battle. Temmie spawns randomly at night and has cool abilities. Check out the video to see them. See you all next time! ~Blue PS: This is my boss battle competition winners command request.
Items Addon to More Plantsby BlueCommander17491
NOTE: This is an addon to my previous command. For the original command scroll down. Also there is a 1.10 and 1.11 version of this command but I can only put one on here so did the 1.12. For the older versions check video description. Anyway hey everyone! This addon makes it so when you break the plants they give you the item back and you can also craft the specific ones you want. It also fixes a bug. Have a nice day :) ~ Blue