Laser Beamsby BlueCommander17392
NOTE:I make my commands for 1.10,1.11 and 1.12 so if you don't want the 1.12 command that I have added on here then check the video description and you can get those versions of the command. Anyway Today I created Laser Beams in One Command! Watch the video for details but this command was very complex and I am very close to saying is Bug Proof after the amount of work I have done to optimizing it. See you all next time! ~Blue :)
Attacking Helicopterby BluecapMc17383
Hello Guys Bluecap is here to day i gonna bring you guys! One Command Helicopter!! So hope you all enjoy the video and dont forget to like and subscribe!
Literally the most simple command on Earth. Allows ground crafting of feather falling 10 leather boots with 1 durability. This is my 3rd command, and it took me about 20-30 minutes to make. To make the Quick Escape, throw on the ground 5 feathers and Leather Boots.
Allows you to use ground crafting to make Easy Elytras! They come in 5 levels, each with a higher durability than the last! This is my 2nd command I've made, and it took me about 3 hours.
Krampus Boss Fightby BluecapMc17341
Hello Guys! Today Is CHristmas Eve! Do You heard before the tales of Krampus? The Christmas Monster that will punish misbehave kids! Let's challenge it!
Jedi Powersby ChaoticRedstone17332
Hey everyone! Today I have made jedi powers in one command! Like and subscribe for more! Merry Christmas and enjoy your holidays!
Advanced UHC in Two Commandsby BlueCommander17321
Hey everyone! It is Blue and I am back with another one command. I am trying to get to 250 subscribers by the end of the year so please consider subing if you enjoy my command. Note this command is for 1.10-1.12 as they always are as well as any future versions. NOTE: THIS IS A TWO COMMAND INSTALL FOR THE SECOND COMMAND OR THE 1.10 OR 1.11 VERSION SEE THE DESCRIPTION OF THE VIDEO OR GO TO MY WEBSITE HERE: ( Watch the video for all the details and see you all next time, byeeee :)
One Command Minatoby BluecapMc17310
Hello Guys! Bluecap is here again! My Sofa is too attractive XD. Anyway, this time i had bring you guys the one command block Minato Namikaze! The best space time jutsu ninja ever! If you dont know him you are not a true Naruto Fan! Thank you for the big fans that suggest me to do this amazing creation! (Ya many peple request it) It is glad to hear the idea from you Guys Thank You!
Spirit Staffsby LilSam17301
A Little Command That Adds Some Cool Staffs To The Game! Also Let Me Know What You Thought About The Models!
One Command Akatsuki Tobiby BluecapMc17290
The resource pack is at source command!This is a little creation for naruto fans!