Terraforming Toolsby SirStickyNote16522
This command enables easier hill and mountain creating, and general easier terraforming. It adds tools that you can use for this purpose.
Wolf Never Drownby Boomber16510
This little command will make wolf have ability to teleport to nearest player within 36 block when drowned
Too Much TNT commandby mincerafter4216500
Have you heard of the Too Much TNT mod? Well, it doesn't matter, because you can use this command! The command adds 8 types of TNT from the Too Much TNT mod! Sneak while holding TNT to place it and throw flint and steel at it to ignite it. I'll put crafting instructions along with the source commands.
Elder Botanyby ImCoolYeah10516490
Ever wanted to grow your ores? Well now you can with this quick 1-command. Inspired by minecraft mods like magical crops. For more information, such as crafting recipes, or to leave feedback, visit the minecraft forum page here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/minecraft-discussion/redstone-discussion-and/2549697-elder-botany-growable-ores#c11
How To Fly In MineCraftby DTEGamelandCMD16480
This is a Tutorial of how to Fly in Minecraft with commands in survival and you can install this as a one-command. The commands for the tutorial will be in the source commands.
Pandy Houseby Pandymit16470
This command is something else than all my pet commands. This time I made a building which has a chest inside it. In the chest there is a Pandy Voodoo Doll. Drop the doll to give yourself Pandy armor with Pandy speed. And this all multiplayer compatible! Enjoy!
Scarlet Witchby Bomerie16461
Hey, you want to have the power of wanda maximoff ? the scarlet witch who can modify the probabilities ? So drop on the ground a rose red dye, a totem of undying and a nether star and put the amulette in the slot 35b of your inventory ! Go now rush the level because the power of this witch need experience (this onecmd have a system of grade, the max grade is the level 30). This command can be used in 1.11.2 and 17w06a
Two dimensional Minecraftby mincerafter4216450
Have you ever wanted a Minecraft with only an X and Y axis? This command does that for you! Every block with a Z coordinate other than 0 is replaced with a barrier, effectively removing one dimension! Designed to work in Survival after command is activated. May cause lag.
Online Petsby Pandymit16440
This command is almost the same as Even more Pets but this time I made it multiplayer compatible! Also if you go to fast your pets run away (Elytra Flight). And if you get to close to other player they will steal your pets... If they already have pets. But besides that you can play with your friends and have pets follow you!
Terracotta Conveyor Beltsby Ryan16430
The conveyors are the magenta terracotta blocks and they will move what is on it in the direction that the arrow is facing They work horizontally and vertically Original Idea from The Red Engineer