Better Spider in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16311
This command is an improved version of my older command, Become a Spider in 1 Command.
Yet another Beta TNT mechanics commandby mincerafter4216290
This command is the same as my 1.11 Beta TNT mechanics command, but for 1.10 so you don't have to convert it.
Another Beta TNT mechanics commandby mincerafter4216280
This is a command which mimics Minecraft Beta's TNT mechanics: TNT can be activated by punching it, and lit TNT in water will deactivate and drop 1 TNT.
Novas Armadurasby jean22416271
This command adds two new armor in your game.Click on the show source command to get the English version of the command.
Just Another TNT Bowby Boomber16260
Title say all this command let's you combine two dangerous weapon in this game it is Arrow and TNT! to combine it you just put power of explosion in arrow but how? easy just let's arrow consume explosive power from TNT it self and than hold TNT Arrow in offhand to use this command perfectly work with my TNT proof Command
TNT Proofby Boomber16250
this command will make TNT is lovely red block because this command make TNT not create any damage imagine how the grifer will like if they don't have TNT and this command work perfectly with my Just Another TNT Bow command.... opp i forget something use Shears to break TNT
The ice dragonsby Kiddddsssss16240
The ice dragons are dragons that come out and kill you you can tame them with fish
Disintegration Raysby SirStickyNote16232
This command adds disintegraton rays which you can use to fry your friends (or any entity)!
Even more petsby Pandymit16221
Hello everyone! I made an improvement of my older version with more pets and an extra feature! The video is of the old version to not spoil everything!!!
RV Campersby MrGarretto16212
This command lets you create and drive your own RV camper in your world! The RV campers can drive at multiple speeds and can turn 360 degrees.