Grapesby ScottDash9117
Add grapes into your minecraft world! Eat them and you regain hunger, get them by breaking vines and thats all!
Airshipsby MrGarretto44116
This command allows you to craft airship controls, which you can place in any airship you build out of blocks (planks, wool, oak fences, and ladders), and ride it around in the air!
Rideable Carsby MrS73615
This command adds rideable cars to your world! Throw a redstone block and a minecart on the ground to craft a car and look where you want to go, just use W A S D to move
Terraria Modby RexBrick31615
Sorry if you think this command sucks, but I have made Minecraft a little more like Terraria. Here are some things you can do: Summon the King Slime boss by throwing a Slime Block and Gold Ingot on the ground, make a Death Sickle by throwing a Stick and a Coal, summon Demon Eyes by throwing on the ground a Spider Eye and Glass Block, and even create a Trophy of King Slime by throwing 1 Slimeball and a Gold Nugget. Please don't tell me bad things about it, I just released it and will be adding more and more all the time.
Ironman In One Commandby TheMinecraftAvatar7413
This allows you to become Ironman! Watch the video for details.
City Generatorby IJAMinecraft33113
Your map looks a bit empty with just a few buildings? Then you should check out this City Generator! Add this machine to your world by just using one command in only one command block! After that, you'll get a snowball, that you can throw and which will create large cities consisting of 10 slightly random skyscrapers! These houses have a modern look and blend perfectly into most town environments! (This is one of my older commands!)
Mountain Generatorby IJAMinecraft33313
I always have problems with creating large landscapes by hand. There is nothing more boring! In order to no longer having to do that, I have already made some structural generators. And this is one of them, this time for mountains and hills! Using some simple 'Only One Command Block' - magic you can easily create icebergs, dirt- and sandstone mountains! Besides that you can create some hills and smooth your environment as well! Another 'Fun Fact': Initially, this command was 40000 characters long. I had to shorten it to 32000 characters.
X Ray by Skydunet10113
This command block creation add X Ray in vanilla minecraft . To craft a XRAY Item you need a beacon named XRAY. With the item you can show all ores in a radius of 10 Blocks .
Gravesby slicedlime52612
A re-creation of the Graves from OpenBlocks in Vanilla Minecraft - when you die, you will get a grave that contains all your dropped items. They will never despawn! Once you break your grave, you get the items back.
Thorby MrGarretto3012
This command allows you to become Thor and wield the powers of his Mjolnir, by crafting his armor and hammer, then you can charge and release lightning, as well as throw and retrieve your hammer!