craftable bedrockby BTM18032
Now you can craft bedrock into minecraft! this is my first one command so I hope you enjoy!
Guns in Minecraftby User10283094818020
This command allows you to make guns in Minecraft. Once you have used the command, you still have to craft the items. The recipes are in this link:
Best Villagerby OctonalXX18000
Trades with dirt and converts into so many stuff like obsidian!
Power Carpetsby Barigamb17992
This is a one command creation with make having effects in puzzle or parkour maps easy. It works on multyplayer too.
Coronavirus One Command Blockby Lataderefresco17981
This One command block will make bats spread the new infection of coronavirus. Any item touched by a infected will also spread the infection.
Working Tanksby NinjaAlien117970
This command adds working tanks into Minecraft that you can actually ride!
Household Furnitureby NinjaAlien117960
This command adds several new pieces of furniture which you can use to decorate your home!
More Villagersby NinjaAlien117950
This is my first command! It adds villagers that will do all sorts of different things!
Furniture Commandby Magnos51117942
This is my first and biggest one command that I made in minecraft. 52874 characters, 2 command blocks and 7 day to make. VERSION = 1.16.1 -=LIKE=-
All Enhanced Gameplay Commands in One Commandby _CreeperCube17932
This command includes all the Enhanced Gameplay commands in one command. The boss fight command isn't included, you can blame MrGarretto for the bug in the command combiner where you can't put long commands into the signs that will generate on the front of the command block machine, and I can't think of any other way putting the boss fight commands into this one command. I'm not gonna make a thumbnail lol.