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Hey guys! I'm LetsJingle, previously xXJinglesKDXx, concept maker for map makers and everyone! Well, my english isn't best, it's not my main language ^^
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Better Warfareby xXJinglesKDXx9660
This command adds some cool weapons for fights and destruction in your world. Try it out! Crafting recipes are included in the command ;)
Magic Itemsby xXJinglesKDXx8621
A little feature to troll your friends and makes fights more interesting ;-) Sorry I forgot: Place a cauldron on top of an open fire and fill the cauldron with water. Then place an armor stand on top of the cauldron to summon your magic trader ;-)
SLENDER in Vanilla Minecraftby xXJinglesKDXx8120
This command adds a Minecraft version of SLENDER - The 8 pages to your world! Includes revolutionary command lobby system, automatic reseting functions, and of course the epic game SLENDER for Singleplayer AND Multiplayer! Made for IJAMinecraft's One Command Contest
Backpack Houseby xXJinglesKDXx6482
Hey guys! I made another command for you. This command adds 'Backpack Houses' to your world. Place them wherever you want, pack up them if you are ready for the next day and take it with you. If you are tired, let's do a break in the Backpack House! :) (The picture isn't the real design of the house!) The concept is from IJAMnecraft, my great role model ;)
The Box of Pandora Part 2by xXJinglesKDXx5291
That's the second part of my new project Pandora's Box! Look into the comments how to build the altar of Pandora!
The Box of Pandora Part 1by xXJinglesKDXx5281
Inspired by the Greek mythology I made another command, which took a long time to make. Pandora's Box! Build the altar and open the box to put your world into chaos! Can you survive the army of Pandora and destroy the box to gain wealth?
Ice Armorby xXJinglesKDXx2853
If there is an Fire Armor, there has to be a Opposite. That's the Ice Armor, which gives you the power of the Ice king, who lived in the nordic mountains! Follow the instructions step by step to be the new 'King of Ice'! Check my other posts as well ;-)
Fire Armorby xXJinglesKDXx1945
This command gives you the power of Ace, the Firefist, a character of the successful anime series One Piece! Follow the instructions step by step to be the king of fire!