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I am a dragon who plays minecraft for fun and to provide others creations to make minecraft better, I may not know how to make an only one cmd alone but I am using help from others to make creations of my own, I also try to make my one commands be properly working as much as possible, BTW im not a YouTuber
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Undead Baby Dragon Boss Battleby TheRedstoneDragon13660
The Boss Is Automatically Summoned When You Activate The Only One Command, You Can Only Summon One Boss Per Only One Command Activated, Activate More Only One Commands Of This To Summon More Bosses, The Dragon Head Is Something Special, Compatible For 1.10 Also, NOTICE: It Can Freeze Ticks Due To A Bug, Do not exit the world or minecraft will not respond freezing it completely, I warned you and I can't warn you in that world, Do this on your more powerful computer, fortunately, I tested it so it can work, there is a chance it will work on your laptop also, this could also give you moderate lag
Clay Soldiersby TheRedstoneDragon13650
This Only One Command Creation Adds Clay Soldiers, Blue Team Is Powerful Even In Small Numbers, Red Team Is Strong When In Large Numbers, The Red Team Can Eliminate A Village While Trying To Kill The Blue Team At The Same Time, The Blue Team Is Focused On Destroying The Zombies, However, The Blue Team Wolf Cannot Be Controlled To Not Kill Sheep, This Only One Command Was Made With Garreto's Cmd Combiner For 1.9, Bug fixes are future commands are working, bugs are the spawn eggs are not named, the floor crafting recipes are rotten flesh and armor stand for a chicken spawn egg and clay balls and armor stand for squid spawn egg, rename the chicken spawn egg to Spawn_Red_Clay_Soldier And For The Squid Spawn_Blue_Clay_Soldier, This Is Also Compatible For 1.10, Not Recomended To Run On Weak Computers And Laptops, Recomended To Run On A Computer Which Doesnt Overheat Easily Or On Powerful Computers Or Atleast Desktops
Harder Minecraftby TheRedstoneDragon13640
This Only One Command Is Made For 1.9/1.10 Snapshots, This Makes Minecraft Harder Without Use Of Any Use Texture Packs Or Mods, No YouTube Channel, UPDATE: The Command Doest Work Due To A Bug With Mr Garreto's Cmd Combiner for 1.9