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This command allows you to ride a dragon that can fly and breath fire! Download the resource pack ( and see it for yourself today!
Terraforming Toolsby SirStickyNote16522
This command enables easier hill and mountain creating, and general easier terraforming. It adds tools that you can use for this purpose.
Glue Gunsby SirStickyNote16421
This command adds glue guns which launch out glue that does stuff! The four types of glue are bouncy, climbing, acid, and sticky! (Resource Pack link in video description).
Disintegration Raysby SirStickyNote16232
This command adds disintegraton rays which you can use to fry your friends (or any entity)!
Medieval Siege Weaponsby SirStickyNote16171
This command adds 5 siege weapons that you can use to attack your friends, medieval style: ballistas, catapults, trebuchets, battering rams, and siege towers!
Customisable Snowmenby SirStickyNote15974
This command adds snowmen into your world that you can customize with 16 decorations!
Sledding In One Commandby SirStickyNote15891
This command allows you to ride sleds down hills with your friends! Resource Pack Link:
Thanksgiving Parade Floatsby SirStickyNote15812
This command adds 4 thanksgiving parade floats into your world that you can use to make your own thanksgiving parade! Resource Pack Link:
Horcruxesby SirStickyNote15753
This command allows you to split your soul into horcruxes which will protect you until they are not destroyed
Guns V3 In One Commandby SirStickyNote15692
This command adds 3 wild western themed guns into your world that you can use to shoot your enemies!