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Hi I'm NatBen04 and I upload montly one command videos to YouTube with the sole purpose of changing Minecraft for the better without any mods at all!
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NatBen04 Clash Royale Sparkyby NatBen04_Gaming17081
Install the command then right click the items sign to get two spawn eggs, then to install the sparky use the first spawn egg, it will tear apart any blocks in its path, including the 1.10 or lower mobs, then to uninstall it (because it will go on forever) simply use the other spawn egg, right click the destroy sign to remove the machine from your world, the sparky will stay but will not move or work if you still have one installed in your world!
NatBen04 Particle Trailsby NatBen04_Gaming16863
Install the command and simply right click the items sign to get the items you need, hold one of the items and get a cool custom trail that follows you around, enjoy! :D
NatBen04 More And Edible Cakesby NatBen04_Gaming16541
This Command allows you to add 2 new cakes into your world, chocolate and strawberry are the two, install the command and then right click the info sign. drop a furnace, flint and steel and a nether star to get a cake crafter. drop onto the cake crafter a milk bucket and 5 wheat to get 5 butter. then drop 10 butter, 5 wheat, 2 eggs and 2 sugar to get a plain cake(skull), drop a cocoa bean and a plain cake onto the cake crafter to get a chocolate cake (skull). rename pumpkin seeds 'Strawberry_Seeds' then drop them onto the cake crafter to get a strawberry (skull). when holding any of the two cakes press Q to refill your hunger, they will both restore 7/8 hunger bars which is quite a lot, if wanting to remove the cake crafter drop a barrier below it which will remove it /give @p minecraft:barrier