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Hi I'm NatBen04 and I upload weekly one command videos to YouTube with the sole purpose of changing Minecraft for the better without any mods at all!
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NatBen04 Particle Trailsby NatBen04_Gaming16861
Install the command and simply right click the items sign to get the items you need, hold one of the items and get a cool custom trail that follows you around, enjoy! :D
NatBen04 More And Edible Cakesby NatBen04_Gaming16541
This Command allows you to add 2 new cakes into your world, chocolate and strawberry are the two, install the command and then right click the info sign. drop a furnace, flint and steel and a nether star to get a cake crafter. drop onto the cake crafter a milk bucket and 5 wheat to get 5 butter. then drop 10 butter, 5 wheat, 2 eggs and 2 sugar to get a plain cake(skull), drop a cocoa bean and a plain cake onto the cake crafter to get a chocolate cake (skull). rename pumpkin seeds 'Strawberry_Seeds' then drop them onto the cake crafter to get a strawberry (skull). when holding any of the two cakes press Q to refill your hunger, they will both restore 7/8 hunger bars which is quite a lot, if wanting to remove the cake crafter drop a barrier below it which will remove it /give @p minecraft:barrier