The Hacking Machineby Grand_Corbeau16371
This command allows you to use multiple new commands in Minecaft (~30) ! You can write them in a special book, and the are executed. You can become a god, or summon lightning bolts, mute the mobs, and a lot of other things ! Tutorial in french.
The Ultimate Machineby Grand_Corbeau16361
This command (1.9 & 1.10) is a very special one, which doesn't do anything particular : in fact, it's an useless-machine ! You push the lever, and a mechanical arm retracts it whith a pretty smooth animation. Tutorial in french. In the video, the animation is at 2:32.
The Arsonist Machineby Grand_Corbeau16351
This command (1.8) allows you to become an arsonist, with multiple special attacks as Fire-Snakes, arrows which set fire where they land, or fire-shield, and so on.
Working Cars in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16341
This command adds cars to your minecraft world. To get a car you have to rename a minecart to CAR.
Wands in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16331
This command adds wands to your minecraft world. They can burn, attack, and heal.
Jet Packs in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16321
This command adds jet packs to your minecraft world. You can power the jet packs with coal.
Better Spider in 1 Commandby theReddestPanda16311
This command is an improved version of my older command, Become a Spider in 1 Command.
Yet another Beta TNT mechanics commandby mincerafter4216290
This command is the same as my 1.11 Beta TNT mechanics command, but for 1.10 so you don't have to convert it.
Another Beta TNT mechanics commandby mincerafter4216280
This is a command which mimics Minecraft Beta's TNT mechanics: TNT can be activated by punching it, and lit TNT in water will deactivate and drop 1 TNT.
Novas Armadurasby jean22416271
This command adds two new armor in your game.Click on the show source command to get the English version of the command.